As customers become more selective about sustainably developed products, the cosmetics industry is expanding its environmental approach to all phases of their products’ life cycle.


Notably, production facilities are the most concerned about controlling their discharges and their impact on the environment.

Multi-formulation sites and custom-order laboratories or chains focused on conditioning — the resulting effluents are extremely specific to the product types:

  • Creams, emulsions, skin lotions and gels
  • Powders for makeup and personal hygiene
  • Bath and shower products, such as salts, foams, oils, and gels
  • Hair dyes, hairstyling products, lotions, and hairsprays
  • Personal hygiene products like soaps, deodorants, and antiperspirants
  • Perfumes and eaux de toilette
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Quelques cas concrets

Natural makeup production a Lagorce (07)

    Construction and operation of an effluent treatment plant:

    • Prefiltration by rotating sieve and curved sieve
    • Biological treatment with BIOMEMBRAT® membrane bioreactors
    • Discharge into the environment
    Parameters Input Discharge
    COD - mg/l 1 500 125
    BOD5 - mg/l 600 30
    SM - mg/l 220 35
    Flow rate - m3/hr 4
    Perfume manufacturer in Compiègne (60)

      Construction and operation of an effluent treatment plant:

      • Buffer tank
      • Ceramic membrane ultrafiltration
      • Flocculation from produced sludge

      Parameters Input Discharge
      COD - mg/l 8 000 800
      BOD5 - mg/l 1 000 400
      SM - mg/l 5 000 50
      Phosphorous - mg/l 80 50
      Flow rate - m3/hr 1,5