Biogas recovery

Le biogaz produit par les ISDND ou les unités de méthanisation peut être valorisé de multiples façons, augmentant ainsi la rentabilité des sites tout en limitant les nuisances.

EFLOX Flare / Boiler


The E-flox flare/boiler makes biogas combustion possible starting at only 6% methane. They can be used for NHWSFs that want to further degas the site and allow for:

  • A better way to control odors
  • Sustainable biogas combustion even as the rate of methane decreases

   EFLOX Techsheet.pdf

Electricity production: CTEC process


The Ctec unit works on the principle of producing recovered superheated steam, which is converted into electrical energy by a steam engine or a steam turbine, depending on the case.

Residual steam can be recovered for thermal use (drying, industrial needs, heat network…).

The unit can be combined with an SRF combustion unit.

   Steam Cogenerate Techsheet.pdf