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As a major player in the treatment of industrial water and leachate, we have been answering environmental
challenges for over 20 years.

Our story

For more than 22 years, Ovive’s teams have been assisting local authorities, waste professionals and industrialists in the treatment of their river.
Ovive was created in 1999 by Amaury BIERENT with the first agency opened in the North of France to accompany the operation of the first plants and the treatment of the first cubic metres.
In 2021, Marie BIERENT took over the management of the family business with the aim of ensuring its continuity. The two generations bring their energy and their love for the environment.
With 12 agencies and branches in France and Morocco, Ovive now operates more than 150 facilities and returns nearly 2 million cubic metres of treated water per year to the natural environment.

Our vision

To offer a world where technology serves people and respects the environment.

Our values

At Ovive, our core values are and make us what we are:

 a human, sustainable and committed company.

At Ovive we are150 passionate people working together to return clean water to our rivers. Our values reflect the legacy of our visionary corporate culture and over 20 years of learning from our customers, partners and employees.


We place the client at the centre of our concerns and build a relationship of trust together.

The location of our 11 agencies in the heart of the territories allows us to be as close as possible to our clients and partners.

A real sense of sharing and mutual aid also brings our teams together, benefiting from the know-how and experience they have pooled.


Listening to the one site feebacks is essential for us:

From the client’s needs to the teams’ proposals, listening is the basis of our thinking and allows us to improve every day.

Our designs and methods are the result of over 20 years of operationnals feedbacks.


Every day, we try to bring more serenity:

Both to our customers through our business expertise and great transparency.

To our teams by cultivating well-being at work and their safety. And to our planet, by giving back what it deserves.


At Ovive, we are proud to contribute to the health of our planet.
We work on a daily basis to preserve our water resources: we clean up effluent before it is released into the environment or reused to replace primary resources.

In addition, part of our profits are reinvested in impact companies and projects: Optyma, Waga Energy, Lhyfe, Tryon Environnement, Adionics, Lixo, Yumgo, 50 Partners Impact…


22 years after Amaury Bierent founded Ovive, his daughter Marie took over the management.

Both generations bring their energy and their love for the environment.
Father and daughter work hand in hand to ensure the company’s sustainability and long-term vision.


Our long-term vision and our heritage of family business culture guide us in our strategic, commercial and technical choices.


Effluent treatment requires a great deal of anticipation, but also a great deal of responsiveness. We work to anticipate the unforeseen and to intervene as quickly as possible.


At Ovive we are more than 150 passionate people working together to restore clean water to our rivers.


Tomorrow’s Ovive is built every day by listening to our customers and feedback from the field.

We invest in the continuous improvement of our processes, our construction and operating methods and in the development of new solutions that are always more relevant, safer and more reliable.

Because the challenges are numerous, Ovive also aims to support new players and projects with a positive impact on the planet in their development: commercially, technically or financially.

Do you share our vision and values?