The energy industry is changing rapidly, as is the emergence of waste recovery sectors (methanization, thermal recovery, etc.).

Meanwhile, conventional sector’s (thermal and nuclear energy) must maintain production at their sites where the use of water is essential:

Each use requires a specific water quality. Water treatment is necessary, whether to supply processes or to discharge it into the environment.

We help energy producers to treat their water, whether on a permanent basis or occasional interventions (such as a shutdown for maintenance).

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Specific cases

Thermal production plant in Cordemais (44)

    Temporary treatment solution for raw water (Loire) for process water supply:

    Parameters Input Discharge
    COD - mg/l 250 1,20
    SM - mg/l 10 0,3
    Flow rate - m3/hr 5
    Refinery in Loire-Atlantique (44)

      Fluoride treatment solution:

      Parameters Input Discharge
      Fluorides – mg/l 290 60
      SM - mg/l 12,9 6,5 - 8,5
      Flow rate - m3/hr 3