Engineering and Construction

We offer customized treatment solutions adapted to each client’s specific needs.
That’s why our engineering and construction team finds the right treatment solution based on our client’s specific needs. Each of our solutions is unique.

Our engineering and construction team has talented project engineers, designers, automation specialists, and construction teams to take your project from design to construction.

Each of our installations is designed according to all the technical, safety, and environmental standards in place.

With over 10 years of experience operating water treatment plants, we enhance our constructions with the tools to make operations easier.


Ovive can use its experience in water treatment to renovate your existing plants:

A few of our projects :

The Emblavez Maygal waste collection and recycling syndicate in Rosières (43) : Membrane Bioreactor-enhanced physical and chemical treatment of leachates

Halbourg and Son SARL, cleaning and draining company in Seine Maritime: a biological facility and clarification optimized in the complete treatment process.