Ovive HF

Ovive HF is a powdered substance for treatment at the ’H₂S source according to the following reactions:

It eliminates most of the H₂S in a simple and economic manner by dosing the powdered substance within the digester. 
This is usually a concentration of about 100 ppm of H₂S downstream from the digester. The particle size depends on the application:

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Ovive FDS

Ovive FDS is an adsorption medium of H₂S formulated from Iron Hydroxide. The oxygen present in the biogas the filter medium to be regenerated while producing elemental sulfur.

Ovive FDS is used in stationary or mobile filters (plug-and-play).

Ovive BDS

Ovive BDS is a biological treatment process involving H₂S. A population of sulphate-reducing bacteria is kept active on the packing of a desulfurization tower and transforms H₂S into sulfuric acid. The biological reactor is heated and air and nutrients are added in order to produce microbiological activity.