Operations and Maintenance

Since 1999, Ovive has operated various treatment facilities: biological, membrane, adsorption… We’ve formed teams across our 11 branches who are prepared to get the job done.


Our technicians (with educational backgrounds in water/wastewater treatment) have the know-how to meet your needs in the field. They understand your needs and have everything needed, from the right tools to advanced expertise: portable field probes (O2, pH, conductivity…), laptop (visit reports, activity reports), utility vehicles…

An Ovive operations technician can monitor facilities in person or remotely to keeps our clients’ facilities running strong. This includes tracking sludge drains, supplies, and ensuring electricity consumption.


Our teams (with degrees in industrial mechanics and automation and electronics and automation) keep the facilities our clients entrust to us running.
To make our production tools as reliable as possible, Ovive has set up a maintenance program to meet treatment requirements. This maintenance program aims to maximize facility performance while minimizing maintenance-related costs.