SRF Products

SRF Production

Ovive subsidiary Optyma has a treatment process for residual household waste for energy based on methanizing wet waste with solid recovered fuel (SRF) production and biogas.

MYT is a reliable, advanced technology: all of its processes have been tested and finetuned.

This process :

CTEC SRF Recovery

For low powers, Ovive and CTec Energy offer an SRF boiler that combines an oven grid and steam boiler that also produces electricity.

Compact and fully automated, this technology is well adapted to the small SRF flux (1 to 2 ton(s)/hour).

The emissions are controlled by air, largely maintaining compliance with ELV regulations.


For powers above 5 MWth. Ovive and Wehrle offer an SRF fluidized bed boiler combined with a steam boiler that can eventually be used in cogeneration.

Wehrle boasts many references in SRF combustion and offers a reliable and robust plant with over 90% thermal efficiency.