For industries that consume as much water as the food industry, managing effluents has become a strategic challenge.


In addition to becoming more effective, Cleaning In Place systems, or CIP, in production and conditioning lines generate water treated before being discharged (to the environment or a sewage network).

We operate in all food industry sectors:

  • Manufacture of condiments, seasonings, flavorings
  • Bread, baked goods, fresh pastries
  • Canning, pasta production, and prepared foods
  • Meat, fish, fruit, and vegetable industries
  • Packaged bread, cookies, and desserts
  • Chocolatiers, confectioneries, and sugar industries
  • Beverage industry

These effluents tend to have solid residues carried away by washwater, a high level of organic matter, and fats from certain production processes.

We offer customized treatment solutions that specifically address your type of effluents and the nature of your receiving environment.

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Specific Cases

Mustard and vinegar production in Reims (51)

    Construction and operation of an effluent treatment plant:

    • Prefiltration by rotating sieve and curved sieve
    • Biological treatment with BIOMEMBRAT® membrane bioreactors
    • Sludge dewatering by centrifuge
    Parameters Input Discharge
    COD - mg/l 20 000 1 500
    SM - mg/l 2 000 600
    Flow rate – m3/hr 1,5

    Seafood canning plant in Hesdin l’Abbé (62)

      Operation of an effluent treatment plant:

      • Aerated buffer tanks
      • Prefilitration by curved sieve
      • In-line flocculation
      • DAF microbubbles flotation
      Parameters Input Discharge
      COD - mg/l 6 000 1 500
      SM - mg/l 2 000 200
      Flow rate - m3/hr 15