Membrane Bioreactor Products

Ovive offers Membrane Bioreactor biological treatment for treating leachates : the process combines low charge biological treatment and separation by ultrafiltration.


This is not a concentration tool, but rather an on-site leachate treatment (and, therefore, a long-term treatment solution), that generally does not result in by-products.

Membrane Bioreactor‘s provides scalability, which is important to treating leachates. We can change the type of polishing treatment, the number of membranes, bio tanks, and the membrane floor to constantly adapt to the variation of loadings.

Membrane Bioreactor products include:

Pump-free reverse osmosis


We also offer reverse osmosis technology to treat leachates. This process produces a high-quality permeate and a concentrate containing all of the initial pollution to be discharged in an approved channel.

This kind of treatment involves low volumes (treatment campaign), emergency actions, or treating leachate production peaks.