Since 1999, Ovive has operated in the world of wastewater treatment. During this time, we’ve developed a series of technologies to address the technical and regulatory changes that have taken place in the life of facilities.


In 20 years, Non-Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities (NHWSF) have shifted their focus from simply ‘making more space’ to becoming flow managers and renewable energy producers. This permanent technological innovation enables us to tackle the challenges of control leachates and odors, as well as treating and recovering biogas or cogeneration heat.

  • Leachate treatment at over 100 non-hazardous waste storage facilities in France, by delivering or constructing a treatment facility.
  • See our page about NHWSF leachates to learn more  

  • Unité de valorisation de la thermie par évaporation du rejet, séchage des boues, prétraitement biologique

Produits de valorisation des thermies

  • Traitement de l’H2S par adsorption sur médias (OVIVE FDS, OVIVE KI…) ou traitement biologique (OVIVE BDS)

Produits de valorisation du biogaz

  • Réinjection de Biogaz dans le réseau GRDF avec notre partenaire WAGA Energy
  •  Traitement de l’H2S en lagune par dosage de OVIVE HF

   Produits H2S

  • Torchère à faible taux de méthane Eflox, afin de pouvoir mieux dégazer les sites

   Produits de valorisation du biogaz

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Specific Cases

Non-Hazardous Waste Storage Facility (40)

    Leachate treatment and biogas recovery:

    • Biogas boiler
    • Biological pretreatment in a heated, aerated lagoon
    • Leachate treatment using BIOMEMBRAT BM+®
    Parameters Input Discharge
    COD - mg/l 8 000 200
    NH4 - mg/l 700 200
    Leachate flow rate - m3/hr 2 à 4
    Biogas flow rate - Nm3/hr 200
    Non-Hazardous Waste Storage Facility (35)

      Traitement de l’H2S du Biogaz :

      • Fourniture de FDS
      • Locations des filtres
      Paramètres Entrant Objectif de coupage
      H2S – mg/l 5 830 1200
      Débit – m3/h 200