Chemical industry

The chemical industry is increasingly taking a more active approach to controlling its environmental impacts.

Faced with considerable regulations (Industrial Emissions Directive, Hazardous Substances in Water (RSDE) Analysis), chemical plant operators are working to better understanding what they discharge.

The discharges in this constantly evolving sector are so varied that an entire production range has emerged to meet the needs:

Each operation is capable of generating effluents whose composition is specific to the processes used. This results in water that is often complex, which may be cost-prohibitive to outsource.

We help chemical professionals to bring their releases into compliance by treating them using technologies specific to the type of effluent:

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Specific cases

Agrochemical industry in Dinard (35)

    Water treatment and reclamation solution.

    On-site plant and full operational control:

    Parameters Input Discharge
    COD - mg/l 23 000 15
    DBO - mg/l 15 000 0
    NGL - mg/l 770 2
    Flow rate - m3/hr 1,5

    Agrochimical industry in Plelan-le-Grand (35)

      Water treatment and recycling services

      Construction of the effluent treatment plant :

      Parameters Input Discharge
      COD - mg/l 10 000 2 000
      DBO - mg/l 500 5
      Flow rate - m3/hr 2