Rainwater from transit and storage platforms for polluted soil, composting, and IBA maturation platforms produce leachates whose physical and chemical characteristics vary by site and activity.


The success of treatments like this, whether they’re occasional or not, lies in our prior laboratory research, which we conduct systematically.
The rental model is perfectly adapted to this effluent, which changes by nature (rain dilution, type of stored waste …).

Treating platform waters

  • Prefiltration adapted to the particle size of suspended materials: Hydrocyclone, bag filters, sand filters...
  • Physical and chemical treatment to precipitate metals and flocculate suspended materials
  • Biological treatment to eliminate dissolved pollutants
  • Specific polishing treatment to target micropollutants (nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, activated carbon, ASP)

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Specific Cases

Incinerator bottom ash platform in Chaptelat (87)

    Water treatment solution :

    • Renting a containerized physical and chemical treatment unit
    • Complete operation with guaranteed results
    Parameters Input Discharge
    Arsenic - mg/l 1 <0,01
    Aluminium - mg/l 60 <0,15
    Flow rate - m3/hr 1 à 3

    NHWSF in Morbihan (56)

      Treatments for IBA leachates :

      • Filtration and activated carbon treatment
      Parameters Input Discharge
      COD – mg/l 12000 2000
      Organoiodine compounds – g/l 5 1
      Flow rate – m3/hr 5